What the Phở ?

Phở, pronounced “fuh”, not “foe” is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup with aromatic herbs and a little meat.  I absolutely ADORE the stuff.  It’s served in huge steaming bowls of rich broth with paper thin slices of beef floating amongst linguine-style noodles, bean sprouts and an assortment of herbs, lime wedges and jalapeno slices.  It’s easy to make at home too!

Hubby and I decided late in the afternoon we wanted Phở for supper.  There wasn’t enough time to start the rich broth from scratch, so we opted to use a gluten-free, organic beef broth and added a packet of Country Old Man Brand spice seasoning, roasted onions and roasted ginger and let the whole it simmer for an hour or so before dipping the boiling hot broth over raw, paper thin slices of beef (it cooks…trust me…) and bean sprouts.  Add cilantro, mint, jalapenos and limes to each individual bowl per your own tastes and dig in!

Hubby made the awful mistake of also tossing in a cube of Phở seasoning that contains the dreaded ingredient, MSG.  It’s an awful mistake because I can’t tolerate MSG – I get migraines and diarrhea before the meal is over! Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I get sick sick sick!!!

I glugged down some Kefir by Lifeway after the meal to help offset the tummy troubles and rummaged around for my favorite headache remedy ever, Little Moon Essentials Aching Head Rub.

perfect for for headaches, neck and muscle pain

perfect for for headaches, neck and muscle pain

My tiny tin was buried in the bottom of my first aid kit that I keep in my purse, and to my dismay, it appeared to be EMPTY!!!  How can that be?  Never fear.  A faithful q-tip and some diligent scraping mustered up enough product to ease my headache. Oh such sweet relief!  The light touch of menthol is cooling to the temples and the back of my neck, the fresh fragrance of lavender is instantly calming and whatever other goodies Laura Lamun puts in that magickal balm just washes over me and I can feel the crippling bands of pain around my brain start to release their hold on me.

Because of my natural approach to living with Fibromyalgia, I steer away from pharmaceuticals and opt for herbal or aromatherapy products whenever possible.  Little Moon Essentials products are standard stock in my medicine cabinet.  Normally, recovering from an MSG reaction would take me a day or two, but with some simple remedies like the pro-biotic rich Kefir and the aching head rub, I am back up and running at my break-neck pace this morning, just eight or nine hours later.

I guess it’s time to inventory my aromapothecary and see what I need to re-order!  And time to toss out the remaining Phở cubes so we don’t have this problem again!!!


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