Update on Operation Wild Asparagus

It’s been a little over a year since I launched Operation Wild Asparagus and what a crazy, unexpected year it’s been.

I learned another close family member has breast cancer, I lost a young friend to childhood cancer, have teetered in the brink of a major fibromyalgia flare all year long and have had my Hidradenitis Suppurativa progress to Hurley Stage III because of a kitchen mix-up at a trusted restaurant earlier this year.

I haven’t produced very many jars of jam and jelly this year – but I’ve been refining the process.

Wild Asparagus Farms or, Pap is calling it this year “Impecunious Acres” suffered some weather woes and didn’t produce the volume of tomatoes, etc. as in previous years.  I really had my heart set on a smoked tomato jam this season!

Not to worry.  The time hasn’t been wasted. I’ve been experimenting and tweaking recipes and I’ve fallen in love with Pomona Pectin for my jellies instead of Sure-Jel, and have sourced wholesale jars and lids for mass production.  I’ve located producers for several of my fruits and veggies that I use in canning, and have gotten a few of my certifications for a Cottage Industry out of the way.


Beautyberries are giving a last burst of color and I think I can squeeze in one more batch of this beautiful and delicate jelly this year.  I have a recipe for beautyberry and rose jelly that I think will be just amazing.

Stay tuned and keep sending happy vibes.


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