I’m just a girl, experiencing life.  I have a little ADD, a lot of fibromyalgia, quite a bit of anxiety at times, and a whole lot of curiosity about the world.  I don’t pretend to be an expert, but occasionally I might like to sound like one.  Just roll your eyes and keep reading.  I love to write, and do a fair amount of freelancing “in real life”.

I’m a 40-something, twice married mother with adult children and step-children, adjusting to an empty nest, a new town, and a new social life as well as finding myself in the whole process.  Plus, my dad always said write about what you know best.  I know a whole lot of nothing about a whole lot of stuff, and I’m more than willing to share all that with you!

I strive to be polite and politically correct and all that stuff.  However, I may occasionally (or frequently, depending on your temperament) offend someone.  Believe me when I say it is probably more than likely accidental.  Just drop me a nice little note about what’s bugging you and let’s work it out.

My whole world is upside down and I’m trying to find my new perspective from this odd view.  Just hang around.  I’m sure I’ll give you a giggle or two before it’s done.

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