Asian inspired Chicken Thighs with garlic ginger corn and buttered broccoli

I managed to wrangle an early Saturday off at work today, a rare thing in the Service Advisor world.  Hubs wanted to get out of the house for a while, so I changed clothes, and we headed out to Target to pick up a few items and aimlessly wander the grocery aisles (we LOVE to grocery shop).  I never even noticed the sous vide bubbling away on the counter when we left.

I grabbed a hot bath and a long soak when we got back.  I emerged from the steam-filled room and trudged through the kitchen just as hubby was heading out to the grill to finish off his asian-marinated chicken thighs.  “Work on some veggies”, he said in passing.

I knew once those thighs hit that hot grill, dinner was a mere minutes away.  My brain was racing for sides and flavor profiles.  I grabbed a can of kernel corn from the pantry, partially drained it and dumped it in a shallow pan and quickly turned a head of broccoli into florets for steaming.  I had a knob of fresh ginger that I grated into the corn along with a swirl of sesame oil and some garlic.  Corn, done.

The broccoli steamed briefly before being drained and tossed back in the pot with a good amount of butter.  I like a hit of acidity with my broccoli, and in keeping with the asian theme, I splashed a little rice wine vinegar and some fresh ground black pepper.  Broccoli, done.

Dinner is served.  No recipe needed!  Gluten Free, No Nightshades.


Chicken thighs are seasoned with chinese five spice, Braggs Amino’s, sesame oil, a little brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, sealed in a vacuum bag and set to sous vide at 150F for at least one hour.


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