Rolling in the shit…

What a darling little face, right?

What a darling little face, right?

Oh boy. Yesterday morning, somehow, between getting my second cup of coffee and walking to the bedroom for my tablet, my adorable papillon/maltese pup Casey managed to get into the litter box, drag all the cat shit out and roll in it. The carpet was smeared and she was odorous to say the least. How? and more to the point….WHYYYYYYY???????

I gave the shitty little darling a bath, dried and combed her beautiful fur and scolded her the entire time.  She’s so smart, I just knew my words were making an impact and getting through to her.

Um.  NO.

What is the first thing she does this morning, after walkies, while my back is turned?  Yep.  You got it.  She rolled in the shit again.

Personal snack dispenser?

Personal snack dispenser?

Now, before you all start telling me not to leave the litter box where she can get to it, let me ‘splain a little something else. My cat is ancient.  He’s like three days older than dirt and probably kissed a dinosaur in his kitty days. He can count 18 years that we know of…and the dude was an adult stray cat when he showed up. He’s so old, we call him Poor Dead Bones.  Our apartment is tiny and we used to keep the litter box on top of the dryer in the laundry area…but sadly, Bones can’t jump up there any more.  So, the Breeze Litterbox is on the ground.  AND I can’t stand to see shit staring up at me, so I clean it out several times a day.  Apparently, not fast enough.

I have got to convince her that his butt is not her personal snack dispenser.   Or convince the folks at Purina/TidyCat to come up with a hood attachment for the Breeze Litterbox.


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