Salsa and Summertime

I’m up to my eyeballs with canning jars, rings, lids and produce this summer!  Not only am I trying to launch Wild Asparagus Enterprises but I’m preserving food for later this year! I’ve been so busy that I’m behind in keeping up with some of my favorite funny bloggers, like this chick over at Broom With a View.  I love love love her funny anecdotes about dating in the modern age, and what I love love love even MORE are her awesome recipes.

I wish I’d found her salsa recipe earlier when I had a bumper crop of fresh tomatoes and peppers to work with!  Can’t you just imagine sparkling jars full of beautiful red, spicy, zesty, delicious salsa??  

I’ve put up a dozen pints of bread and butter pickles, and played with all sorts of jellies this summer:  elderflower wine jelly, cherry jalapeno, lemon honey jam, onion and herb jelly, blueberry basil, blueberry ginger and just a straight jalapeno jelly. Handsome Hubs likes to help out and gets excited about playing with new recipes.  His current fascination are the “Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles” or “Christmas Pickles” that are processing right now!

Now I’m wondering if I can make a “salsa jelly”…..hmmmm….off to research!


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