This Magick Moment

wpid-01101510282.jpg.jpegI had a magickal moment this morning, quite by accident.  I really only intended to smudge quickly around the bed and bathroom and sofa where I spend the most time.  I’ve been sick for almost two weeks.  I figured today was as good a day as any to throw open the windows, and use the power of sage to clean up the air.

But it’s a dreamy Saturday morning, and the soothing flow of waving the smudgestick around lured me into a familiar dance and I soon realizes I was clearing sacred space.  Only widdershins.  Ooops.  Plus I burnt the sheets.  Double oops.

Not one to break out of a pattern once I’m in it, I finished the entire apartment anti-clockwise and realized in the process that that was exactly right.  I needed to do a little banish-work.  My brain checked off the list.

Sickness.  check.

obstacles to progress.  check.

fears and frustrations.  check.

Old habits die gently and I couldn’t resist the lure of spiraling back through again; I opened the front door and closed it three times, pushing the old energy of the door and into the Universe.  I smudged the front door and switched gears, now opening and closing the door, inviting new and fresh things in. Fresh air, fresh opportunities, fresh inspiration.

I went round the apartment again, clockwise and welcoming and encouraging positivity, and at the end found myself standing in the center of my empty dining room, facing North, my greeting a mishmash of rituals and traditions, but each one authentic to me.    “Hail to the Watchtower of the North, element of Earth, Her body, welcome” and thusly on around.

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar.

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar.

Greeting Spirit, arms overhead, I moved into sun salutation and felt asana after asana just flow from me.  Hamish, the black cat joined me in the center, twining around my ankles.  The others, the girls – two dogs and a cat, lined up just outside the circle, watching.

The cat’s claws in the back of my thigh as he tried to climb my leg brought me out of my magickal reverie.

All that.  And I only meant to cleanse the sick room.


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